QR Composting Solutions Store - Cottage Garden Plants & Herbs

Our cottage garden plants and herbs are grown using sustainable and organic methods in our own special blends of peat free potting mix containing, amongst other locally sourced ingredients, our home made QR compost. This gives our plants health and vitality so that they suffer less from pests and disease. They will also take more readily to garden soil as they are grown with the aid of soil organisms rather than a sterile lifeless environment. Our plants are fully hardened off in our northerly Northumberland climate so are ready to cope with the weather conditions of most UK gardens. In case you're wondering about our pots - they are reused pots sourced locally. This also saves you money and helps the environment.


Our garden plants and herbs are now available from our new nursery. Please visit our website:
  • Gardener's Cottage Plants.











  • Gardener's Question Time

    Broadcast on Sunday 14th December 2008, GQT featured an article on QR Compost Making. In a short interview with Eric Robson, Andrew Davenport gave a quick rundown on how good compost can be made quickly using the QR method.


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