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During our workshops visitors are given an informative talk about the QR compost making system, including it's history, theories and virtues followed by a practical workshop. Advice and help is given on types of bins, materials and their preparation, information about the herbs and how to use the compost. You will also be able to see our latest developments for all year round composting of kitchen waste using our specially insulated bins which we have developed to work with QR activator. These work in tandem with our innovative fully waterproof digital thermometers to continually monitor the compost temperature. The workshops are given in the pleasant and relaxed atmosphere of our rurally situated garden where the benefits of the compost to the soil and the plants grown can easily be seen. Wherever possible we encourage people to get involved in the demonstrations, including adding material into the compost bins, adding the activator, treading the heap and feeling the finished compost. Due to our poor British weather, wearing wellies at one of our workshops has become essential! The general feedback from our workshops is that most people cant wait to get home and give it a try! It is our main aim to help people to make QR compost. Previous experience of composting is not required and at the end of the workshop you should be able to turn the knowledge you have gained towards building successful QR compost heaps. We can carry out workshops for parties of up to ten people. Our workshops are held at Gardener's Cottage Bingfield, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE19 2LE.The price of £20 per person includes light refreshments. When you book your place on line we will send you a confirmation email and a workshop agenda will be sent to you in the post. We look forward to meeting you and hearing your composting stories - good or bad!

Composting Workshops for 2016 - dates to be announced soon!
QR Composting workshop held at Gardener's Cottage, Bingfield, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE19 2LE. Workshop commences at 2pm and usually lasts for 2 hours.



Gardener's Question Time

Broadcast on Sunday 14th December 2008, GQT featured an article on QR Compost Making. In a short interview with Eric Robson, Andrew Davenport gave a quick rundown on how good compost can be made quickly using the QR method.


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