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In 1935, Maye E. Bruce innovated her 'Quick Return' (QR) compost system as a method for gardeners and farmers to make plant-loving compost in a matter of weeks, without turning the heap and without manure. Over the decades, the method became very popular with thousands of people all over the world in many countries using the method which is hinged upon the use of a herbal activator; made from the leaves and flowers of six common herbs with added honey.

After the 1970's the method became less popular almost reverting to a cult following. It is our objective, as humble compost makers, to re-awaken interest in the QR composting system. Primarily aimed at gardeners and allotment holders, the method is simple to follow and can be used by anyone who is interested in growing healthy plants in an organic and sustainable way. The method can also be adapted to farm heaps.

In these difficult times, faced with the impending crises of Global Warming and Peak Oil, it is becoming increasingly inevitable that we must seek out organic and sustainable ways of growing our food. With the compost heap at the heart of the garden, the QR method can help the grower to manage their gardens and allotments organically and sustainably without the requirement for manure and other fertilisers.

The first and foremost factors to consider in organic growing are the health and structure of that most valuable asset; the soil. In order to satisfy these requirements, sustenance for the soil must be provided in the form of manure, or compost of an equivalent fertility as that of manure.

Organic manure is precious to those who have it and for most people it is very difficult to obtain. Indeed, for the vegan grower it is not an option. In particular, some manures when applied direct to the soil can cause leaching of nutrients into the groundwater, contaminating our water supplies. This requires costly process plant and equipment to remove them. In the light of issues over the last couple of years regarding the contamination of manure through cattle feeding on pastures treated with hormone based herbicides, the argument to move away from manures becomes even stronger.

Compost made using the QR method can feed our hungry soils and in doing so, the rewards will bring health to those plants we grow, well being to those who feed on them and a 'vital' contribution towards saving our planet.


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